Friday, October 30, 2009

'Everytime You Smile, I Smile and Everytime You Shine, I'll Shine For You'

Oh dear... Not so consistent at blogging am I?

So it's been half term this week, but I haven't done much really. Barely done any homework/coursework/revision and not seen friends that much, yet slobbed around the house loads. Lazy arse.

Events of the week..
  • Megan said Miley tickets came through the post! Cannot wait! Fish lips much on the ticket picture huh?
  • Started to do my English coursework.. I'm about 3/5 through.
  • Went to Clare's yesterday to do work on Modern United Nations... But failed to do much work obviously. Went and hung around in Elvetham instead and had a deodrant fight with Kelly, Clare, Robyne, Hannah, Mason, Ewan, Ian, Matt and Ellie kind of haha- hilarious!!!
  • Went to Kelly's for a movie night with some of the girls and guys and watched Road Trip hahah.
  • Today I had a blood test! It hurt so much! I mean my last blood test was fine, but this time the lady was crap! And it was horrible. Also had an X-ray.
And tonight I have a Halloween partaaay round Clare's :) Gonna be craaaazy! There's like 9 girls and 16 guys haha. Ordered a skirt of ASOS to wear to it and I'll find a top to team it up with. I'm going as the most ORIGINAL thing in the world... A fairy lol. But my wings I ordered online haven't arrived yet! So I'm gonna have to borrow Clarey's :)

Need to shower and stuff..

See you soon


P.S. YESSSSS. Tay is number one on the iTunes US singles chart with Jump Then Fall!! Also like all her other new songs are in the top ten.. Wooow.