Wednesday, October 7, 2009

'Standing Out in the Rain'

 One of my favourite stores in Camden, Artbox! There's also one in Covent Garden which is bigger :)

Remember like two posts before this, I said that I really wanted that floral roses top from Topshop but it was sold out? Well yetserday I found it on Ebay and got it for £25 :) Yaaay.

So today was raining again which was a complete downer and also the day started off with double chemistry.. We got our test results back, I got 90% which I'm pretty happy with. Then it was maths.. Blaaa and philosophy and ethics. What a load of bull. Er and my school day ended off with German and French. In French we're doing these French poems which are rather... Interesting. Haha I swear one of them, the poet is gay. He writes about this other man in a cafe, lighting up his ciggarette, without a word, with out looking at him and stuff haha. His name is Jacques Prévert. And then the other poem we're studying is about some dude who is majorly depressed and feels like there's weeping in his heart. Bless him.

I had piano lessons today.. Euuuugh but when I got home I had this really nice risotto and ate it while watching the latest episode of 90210. Lovely. It was a really good episode! Silver's mum has cancer! And also The Script were in that episode playing "We Cry" at The Beach Club.

Oh yeah and apparently most of the girls can come to London next Tuesday so I'm pretty excited! Going to Westfield, Camden Town, Oxford Street and Regent/Covent if we have time.

I need to go finish off my homework :)



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  1. OMG YOU TOTALLY GAVE IT AWAY FOR ME..!! haha ping pong x