Sunday, October 25, 2009

'It Rains When You're Here and It Rains When You're Gone'

Somehow the six new Taylor tracks got leaked online... Surprise, surprise?! So I've listened to them, and I FREAKIN' LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's nearly been a year since Fearless was out (November 11th), so yeah.. Anticipation! The re release of Fearless comes out tomorrow :)

The six new songs are:
- Jump Then Fall
- Untouchable
- Forever & Always (Piano Version)
- Come In With the Rain
- SuperStar
- The Other Side of the Door

I know Untouchable and Come In With the Rain are older songs that haven't been released before, but it was still exciting hearing them! God I sound sad hahaha. The piano version of Forever and Always is heart breaking. In the original version, Tay sounds pretty angry about Joe and all that, but in this version, she sings with so much more emotion and you can really see how much he meant to her. Definitely going to try and learn it on piano! Jump Then Fall is so sweet as well, her voice sounds so cute! As well as SuperStar and The Other Side of the Door. Ahhh so happy :)

In the mood for a duvet day today!



P.S. HAHA, Joe cut his hair. R.I.P. curls and hello "Joehawk".

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