Monday, October 19, 2009

'How Many Torn Photographs I Saw You Taping Back'

Ahh, sorry I haven't posted for a few days. I've been really busy..

Friday had a long boring day at school. Half the people were on the art trip so not that many people were in. But after school I had Robyne's party. Was realllly good and had a lovely time with the girls :) We raved in her amazing attic haha. It's massive. Had pizza, pringles and talked about crap. Just the normal. Then went super hyper in the middle of the night haha and didn't sleep until ages lol.

Got back from Robyne's party and pretty much slept for the whole day cause I needed to catch up on so much sleep. Then woke up, had dinner and then watched X Factor. My God I do love those two twins John and Edward.. They're amazing. Love them even though everyone hates them!

Lazy day! Stayed at home all day in my pyjamas haha and caught up on some homework and coursework and that was pretty much it!

Well it was Robyne and Alex's birthdays today :) SCHOOL. Ahh. First we had English. Miss Chow picked me to read my work again. I'm getting proper sick of it. That's been my fifth time she's chosen me and some people she hasn't even chosen once for goodness sake! Then we had Jeffrey and he was in a right mood, the old arse! He was telling everyone off, it was rather funny hahaha. We have a science test tomorrow though with him on energy. Double French was absolute poo. I think I'm going to swap French for geography. I really hate French with a passion. At lunch Giulia, Alex and I went in to the library to go see someone hahaha. Then I had IT AS, we need to hand in all coursework by the end of this week! And the day finished off with maths. Didn't learn a thing, but Nathanael and I had fun playing with "wondertape" ahaha.

Aww, anyway, I love this top from Topshop :) I saw it last week in London and was thinking about buying it but didn't in the end.. Now I really want it ahaa. So cute!

I have to go revise for the science test and finish off coursework etc..

Keep bouncing hahaha, if you haven't by now, you should watch this video and then you'll understand me ;)


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