Saturday, October 24, 2009

'Letting Go and Holding Close to All the Things that Mean the Most'

So today I was reading a random page from the Daily Mail, when I suddenly stumbled across an article on Taylor Swift. As most people know, I really do LOVE her and admire her in so many ways: from how she stays so grounded, to her skillful songwriting techniques or to the fact that she's still driving the same car she had since she was fifteen, even after millions and millions of well earned dollars. She is beautiful, oh and how cool is the photo shoot taken in a vintage store down Portobello?! Love you Tay, but, screw you for coming to perform in England on a school night. Grrrrr.

I've just realised it's actually gone midnight, so it's technically Sunday, but I'm writting this post on behalf of Saturday....

Woo, half term, no school for a week! But I guess I'll be needing to do A LOT of work. For starters, I have to finish my English piece of coursework on comparing two different poems which I haven't even started typing up.. Then I have to revise for a physics GCSE mock and a chemistry GCSE mock for the first week back. Also, I have to revise for a history assessment, finish off all my IT coursework and if I have time, possibly revise a little for the philosophy and ethics GCSE mock we have first day back. I'm not too bothered about that as I'm not even taking the actual exam in January so who really cares what I get in the mock? Looks like it's going to be a busy, busy, busy week ahead!

Today I went to Basingstoke with Amy and had a brilliant day, couldn't have been better :) Haha we saw some of the guys at the station on the way there and they were going to have a competition in Basingstoke on who could get the most numbers which is pretty pathetic haha, Stephen won- surprise, surprise? So Amy and I sat by the toilets on the way there and it stunk of poo haha, but then Dom came and sat with us because his friends ditched him. Well there were five of them, and they took up four seats so poor Dom had no other option but to sit with us. Once Amy and I arrived, I went to Smith's to get Teen Vogue and then we went to Tesco to get some lunchie. Then went to Topshop to return some stuff and went to the cinema to see Up! It's an amazing film, like seriously, it doesn't look that good. But honestly, it's such a good film. I cried SO much while watching it! It's got to be one of my favourite films now :) So after we got out of the cinema, we went round some shops quickly. I didn't buy much, just some make up for Halloween. Woo, we're having a Halloween partay round Clare's.

Got home, had some dinner and then watched X Factor. Ewwwww, I hate Rachel. Hope she goes tomorrow- and what the hell was she doing at the end of her performance? Like the whole, "Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. Love you Dannii babes. Oh my God. So happy. Oh my God. I'm well gonna get through tomorrow." SHUT THE HELL UP. Trying to copy Stacey much? And her hair's still disgusting even if she has changed it hahaha. Then I watched Camp Rock for like the gazillionth time. Can't wait for Camp Rock 2 !!!! Ha, and today is FOUR weeks until the JB concert :) But that also means, just over four weeks until I have my German speaking exam.

Going to go now and do some reading.




  1. UP!! I saw that today, awwwww so so sad! When the house is on fire - MY GOD!! emotional shizzle right there! But you gotta love "squirrel!" randomly... and the dogs that can talk. at one point one of them went "i like you temporarily" in the background which we all found amusing! xx

  2. OMG- Natalie's dog goes CRAZY when you say "squirrel"!! He like barks really loud and then runs around and runs into the garden in circles every time you say... "Squirrel." Haha does RONALD do that? x