Tuesday, October 13, 2009

'Until the Lights Burn Out'


Today was an inset day, no school! So I went shopping in London instead of boring old lessons with Sian, Clare, Robyne, Natalie and Amy. It was so good! Had such an amazing time with them, awsome day. Did a spot of shopping as well obviously. From Topshop on Oxford Street, I found a complete steal! These floral shorts that were sold out ages ago and they used to be £35, I got them for £10. Bargain much? Also, bought a pencil case from there similar to the second photo and three pairs of earrings which are very sweet. And, because I'm such a good friend, I even paid £10 for half of Amy's top because she didn't have enough money. In Hollister, I bought a really cute vest, even though I said I wouldn't buy anything from there after New York ahaha. Obviously not! Ohh, and in HMV, I bought a massive Jonas Brothers poster to go on the inside of my wardrobe :)
So us six left Fleet at 9.10, even though Amy VERY nearly missed the train! And we arrived at Waterloo an hour later, then went to Westfield straight away. We stayed there and had lunch in Nando's which was very yummy. Even though I only had two bites of my meal because Natalie and Amy stole all my side orders and half my chicken haha. Then we went around a bit more and then at around 2, we left for Oxford Street. First shop we went to there was Topshop obviously. Was soooo good! I wanted so much haha. Then after going round Oxford Street for about two hours, we went to Clare's bag shop in Camden Town, and then we went home. Oh and also, I tried on the coat I want from Topshop and it's really nice! Love it!

Must so something similar to today sometime soon! Gah, but not looking forward to school at all tomorrow, plus I'm feeling major sick.


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