Wednesday, October 14, 2009

'In the Middle of the Night When I'm in this Dream'



I was sick today, so didn't go in to school. Apparently they had the cancer jab things today, I'll have to get mine some other time. Robbypoo was off as well. But everyone said when the needle goes in it doesn't really hurt, but like a few hours later it starts throbbing and aching. So looking forward to it- not! So while everyone was getting injected, I drank Vitamin Water and watched Gossip Girl- really good episode. Gutted Georgina haha. And also 90210 which was really good as well! Jasper- what a creeeep. But then I was really tired and not hungry so pretty much slept for the whole day. Now I'm not tired at all lol. But I have a science homework sheet to do. Meh.

My Breton shirt arrived today and so did my new booties. But guess what? The booties are way too small and the shirt is really big, so I'll either have to get my mum to adjust it or exchange it. What is it with me and having to always exchange and return things?

Anyway, I love the chocolate Marc by Marc Jacobs satchel. The gold swallow/bird plates are just too sweet.


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