Sunday, October 4, 2009

'And A Perfect Rainbow Never Seemed So Dull'

So today I was meant to go to Southampton to see Lisa and Jake and Big Mommmma, mais non.. I HAVE TONS OF HOMEWORK. Ffs. There's loads of IT coursework I need to catch up on: annotating, print screens, finish the database, edit my data capture form, highlight the errors, finish writing the software comparison, finish the data structure table and explanation. Oh for goodness sake I'm seriously haveing second thoughts about choosing IT AS as an option, thank God after this project is finished we're on to website design which I'm kinda looking forward to. And then I have loads of French homework, a science sheet, maths and others.

So my parents have gone to Southampton for the second time this weekend and I'm home alone for the whole day again. Anyway, I was on Polyvore and I found the photo (top of the post) and thought it was rather beautiful. It reminds me of the house my mum and dad used to live in when they lived near Cannes and Saint Tropez in France. Ahaha this morning I was going through the channels and I saw Hannah Montana on the TV guide so I went on to the channel, thinking I was on Disney Channel but it was Channel Five? Since when did they show Hannah Montana on Channel Five? I as like what the hell haha, and apparently they show Wizards of Waverly Place as well. I'm still sticking to my beloved Disney Channel though :) It was the episode in season 2 episode 1 where they start high school and Miley has to pretend to be Rico's girlfriend because he has a photo of her kissing a teddy bear but she thinks it's a photo of her being Hannah Montana. Hahah silly child.

Ahh, well I tried this top on in Topshop a like six months ago and didn't have enough money to buy it at the time and kinda forgot about it.. Then I saw someone wearing it last week and now I want it again, but it's all sold out on the Topshop website grrr. It's like a baggy crop tee with bat type arms so it can be tucked into high waisted clothing or worn similar to a poncho with a top underneath. I guess I'll need to do some scavaging around to find it! 



  1. classic episode of hannah montana. x

  2. awwww thats the top i had a dream about didnt dani buy it ? i really wanted that top i was thinkng a vest underneath tucked into high waisters and then that top over the top and a cool hat and white braces i saw from H&M would have looked really cool. Its an outfit ive had in my head for like ages now. Anyway i love that first photo awwwwwwwwww i want to live somewhere like that !