Friday, October 30, 2009

'Everytime You Smile, I Smile and Everytime You Shine, I'll Shine For You'

Oh dear... Not so consistent at blogging am I?

So it's been half term this week, but I haven't done much really. Barely done any homework/coursework/revision and not seen friends that much, yet slobbed around the house loads. Lazy arse.

Events of the week..
  • Megan said Miley tickets came through the post! Cannot wait! Fish lips much on the ticket picture huh?
  • Started to do my English coursework.. I'm about 3/5 through.
  • Went to Clare's yesterday to do work on Modern United Nations... But failed to do much work obviously. Went and hung around in Elvetham instead and had a deodrant fight with Kelly, Clare, Robyne, Hannah, Mason, Ewan, Ian, Matt and Ellie kind of haha- hilarious!!!
  • Went to Kelly's for a movie night with some of the girls and guys and watched Road Trip hahah.
  • Today I had a blood test! It hurt so much! I mean my last blood test was fine, but this time the lady was crap! And it was horrible. Also had an X-ray.
And tonight I have a Halloween partaaay round Clare's :) Gonna be craaaazy! There's like 9 girls and 16 guys haha. Ordered a skirt of ASOS to wear to it and I'll find a top to team it up with. I'm going as the most ORIGINAL thing in the world... A fairy lol. But my wings I ordered online haven't arrived yet! So I'm gonna have to borrow Clarey's :)

Need to shower and stuff..

See you soon


P.S. YESSSSS. Tay is number one on the iTunes US singles chart with Jump Then Fall!! Also like all her other new songs are in the top ten.. Wooow. 

Sunday, October 25, 2009

'It Rains When You're Here and It Rains When You're Gone'

Somehow the six new Taylor tracks got leaked online... Surprise, surprise?! So I've listened to them, and I FREAKIN' LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's nearly been a year since Fearless was out (November 11th), so yeah.. Anticipation! The re release of Fearless comes out tomorrow :)

The six new songs are:
- Jump Then Fall
- Untouchable
- Forever & Always (Piano Version)
- Come In With the Rain
- SuperStar
- The Other Side of the Door

I know Untouchable and Come In With the Rain are older songs that haven't been released before, but it was still exciting hearing them! God I sound sad hahaha. The piano version of Forever and Always is heart breaking. In the original version, Tay sounds pretty angry about Joe and all that, but in this version, she sings with so much more emotion and you can really see how much he meant to her. Definitely going to try and learn it on piano! Jump Then Fall is so sweet as well, her voice sounds so cute! As well as SuperStar and The Other Side of the Door. Ahhh so happy :)

In the mood for a duvet day today!



P.S. HAHA, Joe cut his hair. R.I.P. curls and hello "Joehawk".

Saturday, October 24, 2009

'Letting Go and Holding Close to All the Things that Mean the Most'

So today I was reading a random page from the Daily Mail, when I suddenly stumbled across an article on Taylor Swift. As most people know, I really do LOVE her and admire her in so many ways: from how she stays so grounded, to her skillful songwriting techniques or to the fact that she's still driving the same car she had since she was fifteen, even after millions and millions of well earned dollars. She is beautiful, oh and how cool is the photo shoot taken in a vintage store down Portobello?! Love you Tay, but, screw you for coming to perform in England on a school night. Grrrrr.

I've just realised it's actually gone midnight, so it's technically Sunday, but I'm writting this post on behalf of Saturday....

Woo, half term, no school for a week! But I guess I'll be needing to do A LOT of work. For starters, I have to finish my English piece of coursework on comparing two different poems which I haven't even started typing up.. Then I have to revise for a physics GCSE mock and a chemistry GCSE mock for the first week back. Also, I have to revise for a history assessment, finish off all my IT coursework and if I have time, possibly revise a little for the philosophy and ethics GCSE mock we have first day back. I'm not too bothered about that as I'm not even taking the actual exam in January so who really cares what I get in the mock? Looks like it's going to be a busy, busy, busy week ahead!

Today I went to Basingstoke with Amy and had a brilliant day, couldn't have been better :) Haha we saw some of the guys at the station on the way there and they were going to have a competition in Basingstoke on who could get the most numbers which is pretty pathetic haha, Stephen won- surprise, surprise? So Amy and I sat by the toilets on the way there and it stunk of poo haha, but then Dom came and sat with us because his friends ditched him. Well there were five of them, and they took up four seats so poor Dom had no other option but to sit with us. Once Amy and I arrived, I went to Smith's to get Teen Vogue and then we went to Tesco to get some lunchie. Then went to Topshop to return some stuff and went to the cinema to see Up! It's an amazing film, like seriously, it doesn't look that good. But honestly, it's such a good film. I cried SO much while watching it! It's got to be one of my favourite films now :) So after we got out of the cinema, we went round some shops quickly. I didn't buy much, just some make up for Halloween. Woo, we're having a Halloween partay round Clare's.

Got home, had some dinner and then watched X Factor. Ewwwww, I hate Rachel. Hope she goes tomorrow- and what the hell was she doing at the end of her performance? Like the whole, "Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. Love you Dannii babes. Oh my God. So happy. Oh my God. I'm well gonna get through tomorrow." SHUT THE HELL UP. Trying to copy Stacey much? And her hair's still disgusting even if she has changed it hahaha. Then I watched Camp Rock for like the gazillionth time. Can't wait for Camp Rock 2 !!!! Ha, and today is FOUR weeks until the JB concert :) But that also means, just over four weeks until I have my German speaking exam.

Going to go now and do some reading.



Thursday, October 22, 2009

'Run Your Hands Through Your Hair, Absent Mindedly Making Me Want You'

First of all, the title of this post is not only a lyric, but something Alex and I saw tonight ahhhhh ha :)

Secondly, how cute are the brand new Fifi Lapin Christmas cards for Topshop? Love them to bits, plus she's wearing all Topshop clothes on the cards ahaa AND the money goes to charity. Will definitely be stocking up on some of these soon... The ones my mum bought for me from John Lewis are far to gay, for my liking anyway. Also, it's the Topshop sale.. GROAN. I mean I found some really nice stuff for a good price, but I swear every time Topshop has a sale online, the clothes sell out within a minute. So fricken annoying! I mean in the store's the sale is usually mmkay, but it's just online. Grr. Shame we don't have a Topshop in Fleet!

Anyway, I swear I'm using Blogger less and less everytime. I haven't posted in like three days. I guess I've just been really busy. There's been lots of coursework, homework and lots of revision for tests as well. Guess I'm going to have to get used to it!

Had double history today which was okay, did a lot of writing though so mehhh. Then double PE. Kelly, Amy and I swapped groups today so we did squash. It was my first time ever haha. It was actually really fun! I had to play against Michelle for like 3 minutes though. But then heroic Kelly came into the court and played against me and poor old Michelle got kicked out lol and then she ran onto the balcony thing swearing at us. Nice. Ahahaha and then Kelly was forced to play against Michelle by Pengellanator. Talking of Michelle, she has this massive painting she did which is a complete fail of Mrs Auld hahaha. It's actually hilarious! It wasn't meant to be Mrs Auld but it does look a bit like her. Anyway, I should stop rambling on about bloody Michelle Brooks. Ooh and YESSSSS. I've swapped French for geography today and Kelly's swapped German for PE. But becuase I've swapped, I'll also have to move German classes so my timetable can work. :( After lunch (where I slapped Kelly's peachy arse twice and sang a new version of You're Not Sorry) we had English. Wrote part of the conclusion to our essay and we have half term to finish it. Now we're doing freakin' pre 1900 prose crap. While Miss Chow was reading Charles Dickens, I actually fell alseep. Like properlly. I can't explain how I did it, but you like put your hands above your eyes and your hair over your face so the teacher doesn't notice you're actually sleeping. Then I had a science test on heat transfer where Jess copied like all of the last page.

When I got home did some coursework and then had a quick dinner and then I was off to school again! Helping at the year 11 parent's evening. Mrs Goss said it was really good for prefect application forms so a few people helped out. It was actually really fun! Alex and I spent half the time going round following people pretending to ask teachers for tea and coffee just to see them ahaha. And waited ten minutes by Miss Timms to ask her what she wanted to drink. "Oh his dad's wearing ankle swingers" and "OI BARB, YOU WANNA COFFAY?". What a night it turned into :)

I'm going to go revise a little for tomorrow's chemistry test on hydrocarbons and blaaa.

See you soon


Monday, October 19, 2009

'How Many Torn Photographs I Saw You Taping Back'

Ahh, sorry I haven't posted for a few days. I've been really busy..

Friday had a long boring day at school. Half the people were on the art trip so not that many people were in. But after school I had Robyne's party. Was realllly good and had a lovely time with the girls :) We raved in her amazing attic haha. It's massive. Had pizza, pringles and talked about crap. Just the normal. Then went super hyper in the middle of the night haha and didn't sleep until ages lol.

Got back from Robyne's party and pretty much slept for the whole day cause I needed to catch up on so much sleep. Then woke up, had dinner and then watched X Factor. My God I do love those two twins John and Edward.. They're amazing. Love them even though everyone hates them!

Lazy day! Stayed at home all day in my pyjamas haha and caught up on some homework and coursework and that was pretty much it!

Well it was Robyne and Alex's birthdays today :) SCHOOL. Ahh. First we had English. Miss Chow picked me to read my work again. I'm getting proper sick of it. That's been my fifth time she's chosen me and some people she hasn't even chosen once for goodness sake! Then we had Jeffrey and he was in a right mood, the old arse! He was telling everyone off, it was rather funny hahaha. We have a science test tomorrow though with him on energy. Double French was absolute poo. I think I'm going to swap French for geography. I really hate French with a passion. At lunch Giulia, Alex and I went in to the library to go see someone hahaha. Then I had IT AS, we need to hand in all coursework by the end of this week! And the day finished off with maths. Didn't learn a thing, but Nathanael and I had fun playing with "wondertape" ahaha.

Aww, anyway, I love this top from Topshop :) I saw it last week in London and was thinking about buying it but didn't in the end.. Now I really want it ahaa. So cute!

I have to go revise for the science test and finish off coursework etc..

Keep bouncing hahaha, if you haven't by now, you should watch this video and then you'll understand me ;)


Thursday, October 15, 2009

'Untouchable Burning Brighter than the Sun'

Today at school we got some rather exciting news about whether we'd like to be part of the Model United Nations. Robyne, Clare and myself have decided to go as a group together. We've put down France, Italy and Greece, first, second and third respectively. So yeah hopefully we do get France! If we do, time to throw on that Breton Shirt and a beret!

I had double history today. My God, Miss Kenny is a right ol' laugh! Haha! We have to do role plays as well and I'm with Natalie, Ian and Tom Gallagher- so funny hahahaha. Natalie has to put on her Sméagol/Gollum voice and accuse Tom of stealing her cow. It's actually hilarious lol. Then I had double PE which was pretty boring and at lunch we had the MUN meeting in the hall. In English we've began writing our structure paragraphs for the essay and Miss Chow picked me AGAIN. That's like the fourth time she's done that and she hasn't even picked Kelly to read her work once grr. And then the day ended with Jeffrey. Lovely. Not.

Once I got home, my new coat from Topshop had arrived which fits pretty well and the floral top arrived as well. Like them both. Now I have to re-order the booties which don't fit and return them. Then I watched the latest episode of Jonas as I've only just had time to. It was hilarious! The one about the haunted firehouse hahahha. Kevin's such a pussy. Bless him. Then watched the interview with Tay on Opera which was just sweet it made me teary. I love them both with all my heart.

Anyway, how sweet is the charm bracelet photo with the apple? Shame it's £1610!!!! And I thought Accessorize was expensive! But then again, you can't really compare Accessorize to Tiffany can you haha?!

I think that these two charms are so cute. Would look sweet if I added them on to the necklace I got there. Just have to keep dreaming haha.



Wednesday, October 14, 2009

'In the Middle of the Night When I'm in this Dream'



I was sick today, so didn't go in to school. Apparently they had the cancer jab things today, I'll have to get mine some other time. Robbypoo was off as well. But everyone said when the needle goes in it doesn't really hurt, but like a few hours later it starts throbbing and aching. So looking forward to it- not! So while everyone was getting injected, I drank Vitamin Water and watched Gossip Girl- really good episode. Gutted Georgina haha. And also 90210 which was really good as well! Jasper- what a creeeep. But then I was really tired and not hungry so pretty much slept for the whole day. Now I'm not tired at all lol. But I have a science homework sheet to do. Meh.

My Breton shirt arrived today and so did my new booties. But guess what? The booties are way too small and the shirt is really big, so I'll either have to get my mum to adjust it or exchange it. What is it with me and having to always exchange and return things?

Anyway, I love the chocolate Marc by Marc Jacobs satchel. The gold swallow/bird plates are just too sweet.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

'Until the Lights Burn Out'


Today was an inset day, no school! So I went shopping in London instead of boring old lessons with Sian, Clare, Robyne, Natalie and Amy. It was so good! Had such an amazing time with them, awsome day. Did a spot of shopping as well obviously. From Topshop on Oxford Street, I found a complete steal! These floral shorts that were sold out ages ago and they used to be £35, I got them for £10. Bargain much? Also, bought a pencil case from there similar to the second photo and three pairs of earrings which are very sweet. And, because I'm such a good friend, I even paid £10 for half of Amy's top because she didn't have enough money. In Hollister, I bought a really cute vest, even though I said I wouldn't buy anything from there after New York ahaha. Obviously not! Ohh, and in HMV, I bought a massive Jonas Brothers poster to go on the inside of my wardrobe :)
So us six left Fleet at 9.10, even though Amy VERY nearly missed the train! And we arrived at Waterloo an hour later, then went to Westfield straight away. We stayed there and had lunch in Nando's which was very yummy. Even though I only had two bites of my meal because Natalie and Amy stole all my side orders and half my chicken haha. Then we went around a bit more and then at around 2, we left for Oxford Street. First shop we went to there was Topshop obviously. Was soooo good! I wanted so much haha. Then after going round Oxford Street for about two hours, we went to Clare's bag shop in Camden Town, and then we went home. Oh and also, I tried on the coat I want from Topshop and it's really nice! Love it!

Must so something similar to today sometime soon! Gah, but not looking forward to school at all tomorrow, plus I'm feeling major sick.


Monday, October 12, 2009

'Seems Like We're Holding on Forever'


As you may know, I bought a coat from Topshop last week but it's too big and the lengths really short. So I browsed through the Topshop website and have found a coat I like, the photo above. And will be buying that and returning the coat I bought before :]

So today I had English first which was actually HILARIOUS with Ben having to sit next to Michelle because Vikki stole mine and Kelly's seats so Kelly stole Ben's seat so he had to end up next to Michelle. Poor him. Anyway he started having this massive rant in front of Miss Chow next to Michelle which was funny as! Also, Jake's changed my name from Henchleen to Trenchleen now. To be honest, I quite like it. Then we had science with Jeffrey and I didn't learn anything form the experiment he was doing because Kelly was constantly trying to bum me, tickle me, stroke me, draw on my face, show me her fat chicken belly and the usual. But it was so funny hahahahaha. Had double Francais next and we did so much work, learnt lots of new vocab on "mariage opinions" haha. Then at lunch Kelly was being an idiot. And I had IT next which was actually alright! I was pretty impressed I finished the work before Andrew and Katherine aha and got two house points lalala. Bragging much? And maths was crap.

Anyway, very excited about tomorrow's shopping trip to London with the girlies, cannot wait! :)

Au revoir


Sunday, October 11, 2009

'In This Moment Now Capture It Remember It'

So I've only just checked out this month's cover of Teen Vogue and it's Chanel Iman and Jourdan Dunn. How sweet do they look? I thought Jourdan was pregnant though? I guess this shoot was done a few months ago then. I shall need to buy this issue on Tuesday.

If you read my post from yesterday, I was stuck between either buying an Original Breton Shirt or a stripy top from Topshop with buttons on the shoulders. I went for the Original Breton Shirt instead because:
- It wasn't too much more than the one from Topshop.
- The Topshop one was probably gonna fall apart after one wash.
- Better quality than Topshop and warmer.

Anyway, today I have loads of homework to do! I have to:
- Write a French essay thing.
- Type up my English coursework essay.
- Finish IT coursework which is A LOT.
- My Maths
- Like 30 questions on quadratics for maths
- Oh and I need to practice piano.
But yes, I'm in a workish mood today, so hopefully I'll be able to get everything done!

Also, I'm in love with this bracelet from ASOS for £7 in the sale. It's a New York City one with charms like the traffic lights, the "DON'T WALK" signs, a big apple, pizza- so cute! Shame I didn't see anything similar to this when I was actually there :(



Saturday, October 10, 2009

'Heres To You and Your Temper'

Okay so today I woke up and like literally everything I ordered from the internet in the past week arrived, excluding my new booties and a top. My coat from Topshop came, but it's slightly big, so I need to return it and exchange for another size. Also got and this military crop jacket thing from Topshop as well. A load of stuff from Artbox came (first pic shows some of the stuff I ordered). I spent like £35 on there ahaha. Robyne's presents came, which were basically a load of goodies from Artbox and I wrapped it up and wrote the card and shizzle. Also, Lisa's presents came. Got her three DVDs, need to post it on Friday or next Saturday so it will get to her in time!

Today I stayed at homies all day which was boringgggg. I was so bored I helped my mother clean out the fish tank. It took like two hours. FAIL. But we danced and sang along to my Taylor Swift CD at the same time haha, how embarrassing of my mum! And like the internet was down for half the day so my dad was trying to fix that. Ooh but I ate some strawberry Pocky Sticks which I hadn't had in ages. I love how England are trying to copy to copy it with Mikado Sticks. POCKY IS THE ORIGINAL MMKAY? Haha, I have a passion for Pocky, especially the strawberry ones :)

Anyway I have loads of homework to do tomorrow which is a major bummer. But so happy it's inset day on Tuesday and it's going to be such a good day with the girls :) Can't wait. And also majorly happy because I sold my "Kiss of the Vampire" t-shirt from Topshop on Ebay, and I've just made £50 from it!!! I bought it for only like £18 haha.

Also it's the ASOS sale, really want this skirt, it's £15 and the striped top is from Topshop £18, thinking of buying it on Tuesday dans Londres seeing as I am too poor to afford a real Breton shirt, but then again, a real Breton shirt is only £10 more than the Topshop one... Hmmm... DECISIONS!



Thursday, October 8, 2009

'When You're Dreaming With A Broken Heart'

I'm getting majorly over-excited about John Mayer's new album Battle Studies! It's been THREE years since Continuum. Particularly excited about hearing the track "Half of My Heart" featuring Taylor Swift, especially after watching the performance where John and Taylor sing "White Horse" and "Your Body is a Wonderland" together at Taylor's show in Staples Center in May. It was soooo good. I would have done anything to have been there! Why can't they come to England more often? John Mayer's newest single is "Who Says" which is the first photo. :)

Also, it's like nineteen days until Tay's Platinum Edition of Fearless comes out!!!!!!!! With SIX new songs... One of them including a PIANO version of "Forever and Always" Oh my God I am so excited! 

But yeah school was really boring today. About half the people were on the geography trip at the beach so barely anyone was in our lessons. Double history was okay, we watched this video thing with Tony Robinson and there was this massive chav in the video and Natalie and I were just laughing our heads off haha. And because like no one was in, I did ping-pong in PE today. Me, Tegz, Katherine, Matt, Ewan, Kam and Carl had like this massive table tennis attack across the room where we were just whacking the balls at each other really hard hahha. Was a lot of fun! And also we were allowed music on and "Party in the U.S.A." came on and I was actually having a spaz attack lol. Then in English I sat next to Kelly and we did no work hahaha but the class was like silent lol. Michelle was being an idiot as usual. Then Miss Chow picked on me to read out my work, luckily I had a paragraph written from the previous lesson so I at least had something to read out! I swear she always picks on me to read out! It's not fair. Oh yeah and Kelly forgot to do Jeffrey's science homework so she had to copy it off me in English. But Jeffrey never collected the books in when we had science hahah. Lauren and I fell asleep during the video. No joke. Haha and then Ewan and I had an in depth conversation about gingers haha and other stuff.

Ahhh done all my homework so I'm freeeeeeeeeee :)

Au revior


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

'Standing Out in the Rain'

 One of my favourite stores in Camden, Artbox! There's also one in Covent Garden which is bigger :)

Remember like two posts before this, I said that I really wanted that floral roses top from Topshop but it was sold out? Well yetserday I found it on Ebay and got it for £25 :) Yaaay.

So today was raining again which was a complete downer and also the day started off with double chemistry.. We got our test results back, I got 90% which I'm pretty happy with. Then it was maths.. Blaaa and philosophy and ethics. What a load of bull. Er and my school day ended off with German and French. In French we're doing these French poems which are rather... Interesting. Haha I swear one of them, the poet is gay. He writes about this other man in a cafe, lighting up his ciggarette, without a word, with out looking at him and stuff haha. His name is Jacques Prévert. And then the other poem we're studying is about some dude who is majorly depressed and feels like there's weeping in his heart. Bless him.

I had piano lessons today.. Euuuugh but when I got home I had this really nice risotto and ate it while watching the latest episode of 90210. Lovely. It was a really good episode! Silver's mum has cancer! And also The Script were in that episode playing "We Cry" at The Beach Club.

Oh yeah and apparently most of the girls can come to London next Tuesday so I'm pretty excited! Going to Westfield, Camden Town, Oxford Street and Regent/Covent if we have time.

I need to go finish off my homework :)



Tuesday, October 6, 2009

'In a Storm in my Best Dress Fearless'

Didn't have time to post yesterday! Was just too busy caught up doing IT coursework. There's sooo much and I still don't think I'm up to date! Also I feel really sick- like really, really bloated even though I haven't eaten much.

 So today was raining like yesterday, so everyone's mood was already dampened and to make things worse, in form, Jakey drew on my Jonas Brothers book! I had maths first thing. Although Nathanael always makes maths fun hahaha :) Then we had English in the music room because the current room is getting redone. I had saved a seat for Kelly and then ADAM comes and sits in it cause it was the only one left. Only because Kelly didn't know what room we were in for English and she was TWENTY minutes late hahahaha, what a FAIL she is. But the funny thing was, Mrs Chow didn't seem to mind that she was late. In double IT I worked my friggin' socks off and I swear Big Mac still hates me. Blaaaaaa. Then we had Jeffrey and Mrs Kenny for history.. She was in a singing mood, so yes.. She sang on the top of her lungs for the whole lesson.

So yeah I arrived home, and I find three things in the post waiting for me..
   -First was the latest Elle with Cheryl Cole on the cover. First Vogue.. Now Elle.. What next? Tatler?
   -Second was the skirt I ordered from New Look last week. I still need to try it on.
   -And third was the Jonas Brothers Lines Vines and Trying Times t-shirt, which is exactly the same as the one Nick is wearing in the first photo :) And on the back it has this quote which says, "Live like you are on the bottom even if you are at the top." He designed the t-shirt himself, how sweeet? So wearing it to the concert ahaa!!!


             Backstage at Lanvin, definitely my fave of PFW.                     

Vivienne Westwood.     

Now off to do some homework, au revoir xoxo

Sunday, October 4, 2009

'And A Perfect Rainbow Never Seemed So Dull'

So today I was meant to go to Southampton to see Lisa and Jake and Big Mommmma, mais non.. I HAVE TONS OF HOMEWORK. Ffs. There's loads of IT coursework I need to catch up on: annotating, print screens, finish the database, edit my data capture form, highlight the errors, finish writing the software comparison, finish the data structure table and explanation. Oh for goodness sake I'm seriously haveing second thoughts about choosing IT AS as an option, thank God after this project is finished we're on to website design which I'm kinda looking forward to. And then I have loads of French homework, a science sheet, maths and others.

So my parents have gone to Southampton for the second time this weekend and I'm home alone for the whole day again. Anyway, I was on Polyvore and I found the photo (top of the post) and thought it was rather beautiful. It reminds me of the house my mum and dad used to live in when they lived near Cannes and Saint Tropez in France. Ahaha this morning I was going through the channels and I saw Hannah Montana on the TV guide so I went on to the channel, thinking I was on Disney Channel but it was Channel Five? Since when did they show Hannah Montana on Channel Five? I as like what the hell haha, and apparently they show Wizards of Waverly Place as well. I'm still sticking to my beloved Disney Channel though :) It was the episode in season 2 episode 1 where they start high school and Miley has to pretend to be Rico's girlfriend because he has a photo of her kissing a teddy bear but she thinks it's a photo of her being Hannah Montana. Hahah silly child.

Ahh, well I tried this top on in Topshop a like six months ago and didn't have enough money to buy it at the time and kinda forgot about it.. Then I saw someone wearing it last week and now I want it again, but it's all sold out on the Topshop website grrr. It's like a baggy crop tee with bat type arms so it can be tucked into high waisted clothing or worn similar to a poncho with a top underneath. I guess I'll need to do some scavaging around to find it! 


Saturday, October 3, 2009

'It's a Roller Coaster Kinda Rush'


having beauty; having qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, think about, etc.; delighting the senses or mind: a beautiful dress; a beautiful speech.

Lanvin's S/S '10 collection is truly beautiful. Alber Elbaz is simply a genius with magical powers. He never seems to fail and I really have fallen in love with him and his new designs. The show started with the trademark Lanvin black dresses- I love the lapels on the dresses (second photo). Then a splash of colour came in with shades of reds and creams, asymetric dresses, puffy shoulders and frills. So Elbaz was on a roll already.. But then came the embelishment. And once I saw these, I think I had just died and gone to heaven. Every little intricate detail- the scatters of gold sequins carefully sewn own, the elaborate gold necklaces, sculptured belts and studded jewels You just can't ask for more. It doesn't get much better than this. An unforgettable collection to die for.

A true genius.

So I'm sat on the sofa all aloney on my owney at home when I could be at Jess and Megan's partay with a load of people, but my parents are out so I had no way of getting there and back. My alternative? Watching X Factor ahaha. I haven't really watched it this year as I've been out every Saturday since it started and this is the first Saturday I've been at home in like 7 weeks haha. First week I was at Kelly's, second I was in New York, third I was at Dani's, fourth I was at Ryan's, fifth I was at Natalie's and last week I was at Kelly's again haha. Anywayzzzz, I don't like that Nicole lady who's in the Over 25s because all she does is shout and it's turning into SCREAMO mwahahahahaha!

Been home all day and freakin' bored as. Cleared out some of my stuff, so I've found some things to sell to get some money for the trip to London :)

Goodbye xoxo

Friday, October 2, 2009

'And It's Two A.M. And I'm Cursing Your Name'



Christian Dior, new collection today. To be honest, I think it hasn't changed much from last season. It's all really "Gallianoish" (is that even a word?). Nothing has caught my eye yet. Looks like Balmain's winning at the moment.. Let's see what happens tomorrow!


So I tried to order my coat from Topshop yesterday but my mum or dad's credit card never seem to work on It's so annoying.. So either I have to find time to go out and try find it or just keep on trying with the cards. But anyhow, I managed to find a skirt in the New Look sale for £9 and ordered that. I don't really shop at New Look, but I love this skirt. I think the waist detail looks really flattering and the buttons on the side are just adorable!

School was actually alright today, believe it or not! In English we have to analyze and compare two different cultural poems which was boring, but Tegan wasn't in today so it was even more boring haha. But Mrs Chow is actually starting to like Tim and Nathanael now.. Shock horror! Ahaha, then we had chemistry and Mrs Green made us watch some video about oil and fire, but I didn't learn a thing as Kelly and I were too busy tickling and stroking each other's legs and grabbing her feet. Oh dear, that sounds really wrong.. But it was hilarious hahaha. Double German was mmkay as well. We were just recapping stuff again which we might have forgotten over the holidays. Aww at lunch, Andre came in and then he was told to go home by Mrs Hooper. Guttard. Yeah and then Alex, Amy, Giulia and I went round school to stalk some certain people which made my day :) In maths I actually fell a sleep because it was so boring. Well I wouldn't say a sleep as in snoring, but you know when you like close your eyes and you don't know what's going on around you and then you open your eyes like ten seconds later? It was like that. IT was a complete load of bull.

Well I feel like having a lazy night in, I'm all aloney on my owney tonight as my mother is at a friends and my dad's at badminton club. Not really in the mood for anything to be honest, but I don't quite know why ahaha. Life's pretty good at the moment I suppose apart from some pressure at school and piano and all that. Anyway, tomorrow I was supposed to be hitting the shops with some of the girlies but I don't think we're going anymore because apparently we're going to London on the inset day on the 13th this month. Can't wait, I haven't been shopping in London in like agessss, since June. Need to dig out my Oyster Card and get some monies! But like before I went to New York I loved London so much, but I just find it rather boring now compared to New York. But nevertheless, I still love London a lot. So tomorrow don't think I have anything planned, but I do need to go to O2 to sort out my messed up sim card. It's not working at all, so there's been no texting or anything for like 3 days. Home aloney all on my owney again on Saturday afternoon and evening as mum and dad are going to Southampton because a friend is moving to America. On Sunday, they're off to Southampton again to another friend's house and this time I'm going along because I think Lisa and Jess will be there along with Jake and Gayz and Lulu who I haven't seen in ages.

Au revoir, xoxo