Saturday, November 14, 2009

Tea Parties and Tickets

Somehow I seem to find that I tend to post more during the weekends...

Today I got dragged out of bed at 9.30 (not literally, but y'know). Early much? I mean I never wake up at nineish on a Saturday. So yeah I had to wake up that early because I had to go to Basingstoke to collect the New Moon tickets because I can't make it.

I spent like an hour in Basingstoke- that's probably the least amount of time I've ever spent in that hell hole. After I went to Vue to collect the tickets, I had to look around for a cheapish costume I could wear to Amy's tea party later on today... So I decided to go to Primark. I got some white/cream ribbed tights for £3 and also this red and black dress with these cute gold buttons on for only a fiver! I was dressing up as the White Rabbit so yeah, had to have stuff like that. But the dress is pretty sweet so I can wear it normally as well.

On the way back from Basingstoke, my mum was having a go at me saying how I wasn't responsible enough and should start acting like an adult more, blablablablaaaaa.

When I got home... First thing I went to check was the post. And guess what? Front row Jonas Brothers tickets had arrived! I screamed for ages and did a little happy dance and rushed upstairs to change for Amy's. I wore the new dress, the new pair of tights and a cream cardigan from Bloomingdale's to go with the tights.

I arrived late at Amy's as we were stuck in traffic on the way back from Basingstoke and when I got to her house, she wasn't even ready yet haha and made us all wait in the living room. Once she came downstairs, she opened her cards and presents. When she opened the present Clare, Natalie, Robyne and I got for her, she made the biggest shriek ever. We got her a life size cut out of NICK JONAS. It was freakin' expensive, hence the fact we shared the price. I also got her a load of treasures from Artbox. We had fun eating cute little cakes and watching telly with Nick Jonas. The cut out is massive and it seriously looks like a real person if you're not looking directly at it! Freaky. When Clare, Hannah, Sian and Robyne had gone home, Natalie, Kelly, Amy and I (along with Amy's siblings) watched a ton of Hannah Montana. Man, why did Miley have to pick Jake Ryan over Jesse in the "He Could Be the One" episode yesterday? Jesse is pure LOVE.

Got home, slept a little, ate dinner and then watched X Factor. Hopefully Lloyd is going tomorrow, he's bloody terrible!


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

'When My World Wakes Up Today You'll Be In Another Town'

Today I puked in the early hours of the morning, so I went to the doctors... She said she doesn't know what is wrong with me because I don't have any "visible symptons" or something like that but I keep on throwing up... Nice. So when I got home, I slept for the day, then watched the latest episode of Gossip Girl. Oh my God, best episode so far in season 3. WOW. I loved it. Jenny's a slag- thinking she rules Upper East Side, when she's a nobody from Brooklyn. And Nate... Well what can I say about the lovely Nate- phwoar and a Vanderbilt, is that not perfection? Oh my God, even when I spell "Vanderbilt" on my computer, it doesn't come up with a red squiggly line for a spelling error. Did they get put into the dictionary or soemthing? And his cousin Trip in that episode about Serena.. Wow? I like him though, he's got a nice vibe. Haha and the threesome, that was just hilarious. H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S.

But yetserday was the most horrible day at school. English first thing on a Monday is torture, plus I'm so behind because I missed some lessons last week and everyone's like finished annotating their stories and there's just me who's got like nothing. Then we were meant to have Jeffrey but we have somme ISA next week, so we had Mrs Green instead because we need to catch up so much and there's like no time. It was hilarious though becasue she got so angry with the class and she just through the pen and paper on the floor and stormed out of the classroom. She would have never come back, if it weren't for Katherine going to the staffroom and asking her to come back. Double German was alright... Believe it or not, but German seems to be the only lesson I kind of look forward to going to at school. And IT was really bad as well because I'm so behind due to missing lessons and then I had a maths test. It was probably one of the hardest maths test I've ever done.

So now I'm doing M.U.N. research and I seriously cannot find anything! And plus it's tomorrow! I can't wait though because I'll be able to see Megan and it'll be kinda fun, but the thought of the actual process is nerveracking- especially when you have zero research.

Aww, I love the second drawing of all those gorgeous Louboutins. My goodness gracious Lord, I saw the most BEAUTIFUL Louboutins in Saks Fifth Avenue. They were proper heaven. A cream satin material, with a hint of shimmer with the most amazing embelishment I've ever seen on a pair of shoes. I want those babies so bad. 


Sunday, November 8, 2009

'Give Me A Photograph To Hang On My Wall'

Short post today as I have to revise for physics and maths in a minute, but.... I'VE GOT FRONT ROW TICKETS FOR THE JONAS BROTHERS ON FRIDAY THE 20TH and I'm going on Saturday as well. My God, I am overly happy it's craaazy.

And also, Taylor was absolutely amazing yesterday on SNL, she was such a good host. Loved the "Monologue" song with the references to Joe, Kanye and 'the werewolf from Twilight'! And then the skit with her and the bad driving, when she shouts out 'MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM' is absolutely hilarious. Taylor, words simply cannot describe how much I love and admire you.

How beautiful does the Rockefeller look in the first video?!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

'And I Knew From The First Note I Played I'd Be Breaking All The Rules To See You'

The day has arrived. It's Saturday the 7th of November.. TAYLOR ON SNL !!!! Haha apparently they're definitely making at least one reference to the whole Kanye thing. But I don't really mind, just shows how much of a douche he is.

Today I woke up with a lovely surprise... Fearless: Platinum Edition had arrived! I ordered it like two weeks ago, everyone else's copy had arrived about a week ago.. But NO, mine just had to be late. Oh wells, at least I have it now. I've been engrossed in watching the DVD with all the backstage scenes, it's amazing. But one bad point: the case smells like celery!

I woke up pretty late today, at midday. So I had lunch and because I'm such a good daughter, I made my parents' lunch as well. Decided to tidy my room, but didn't really get round to clean anything. All I got round to doing was just order a load of magazines and put up a Hermes poster in the inside of my wardrobe. It's actually one of those promotional things I got in Elle, but I thought it looked rather groovy, so I kept it and I've finally put it up. On the reverse side, it's like this really cute map thing, but I thought the side with the photos of the models was much sexier.

Anyway, it sucks because everyone is going to The Views tonight for fireworks and I can't go because I'm "ill". So my alternative: eating pizza and watching X Factor, also getting all hyped up for SNL. Doesn't sound too bad for me right? Especially as I am currently and invalid. 

I need to buy Amy's birthday present soon as it's her birthday this coming Friday! Also, need to find something to wear to her's as it's an Alice in Wonderland inspired tea party.


Friday, November 6, 2009

'You Smile That Beautiful Smile And All The Girls In The Front Row Scream Your Name'

Firstly, I hope you like the new header thing above (^^). I spent ages making it in Photoshop, incorporating a load of stuff I love and cute images into one collage. Screams out one word: EFFORT.

I've come to realise that I am an absolutely crap Blogger. Haven't posted in a week, I've been so busy, plus I was I've been ill for the past couple of days.

So carrying on from last week's post...

Went to Clare's Halloween party which was really good. God a lot of shots on my camera which are all on Facebook. Had a laugh there and was absolutely knackered when I got home.. On Halloween I went round Hannah's with a group of people and we ordered some pizza, watched Road Trip 2 and then played Guitar Hero. Sunday I just stayed at home and revised a little for the mock exams.

Completely forgotten what happened on Monday.. Oh yeah, had a ethics mock which was a load of bull. Also had a German test in my new German class and that was it really. Tuesday I was ill (suspected food poisoning) so didn't go in. Wednesday had chemistry mocks, got the German test results back- got an A which I'm quite happy about. Thursday, ill again and today I was as well. I threw up around four this morning which was horrible. Haven't puked in about six years so I was like woah. Also, can't really go out because I'm ill, so I've missed out on loads of stuff as it's the time of the year for fireworks.

On the plus side, I'm screaming inside as The Jonas Brothers concert is in two weeks AND, Amy and I might be able to get front row/second row seats to the Friday show as well as the Saturday show we're already going to. ANXIETY. Ahh, fun, fun, fun, double Jonas! Also, hopefully going to go Taytay stalking before the Saturday show.

But I found out a major bummer, might not be able to go to Miley as we come back from the German trip on the night of the concert.

 Anyway, how cute are these precious babies?

AND, AND, AND.. SNL TOMORROW!!!! Way excited because of Taylor and the fact that I've been to the studio! Well outside the studio haha. Okay, well it'll be Sunday morning for me, but still I cannot wait. It's going to be amazing.


Friday, October 30, 2009

'Everytime You Smile, I Smile and Everytime You Shine, I'll Shine For You'

Oh dear... Not so consistent at blogging am I?

So it's been half term this week, but I haven't done much really. Barely done any homework/coursework/revision and not seen friends that much, yet slobbed around the house loads. Lazy arse.

Events of the week..
  • Megan said Miley tickets came through the post! Cannot wait! Fish lips much on the ticket picture huh?
  • Started to do my English coursework.. I'm about 3/5 through.
  • Went to Clare's yesterday to do work on Modern United Nations... But failed to do much work obviously. Went and hung around in Elvetham instead and had a deodrant fight with Kelly, Clare, Robyne, Hannah, Mason, Ewan, Ian, Matt and Ellie kind of haha- hilarious!!!
  • Went to Kelly's for a movie night with some of the girls and guys and watched Road Trip hahah.
  • Today I had a blood test! It hurt so much! I mean my last blood test was fine, but this time the lady was crap! And it was horrible. Also had an X-ray.
And tonight I have a Halloween partaaay round Clare's :) Gonna be craaaazy! There's like 9 girls and 16 guys haha. Ordered a skirt of ASOS to wear to it and I'll find a top to team it up with. I'm going as the most ORIGINAL thing in the world... A fairy lol. But my wings I ordered online haven't arrived yet! So I'm gonna have to borrow Clarey's :)

Need to shower and stuff..

See you soon


P.S. YESSSSS. Tay is number one on the iTunes US singles chart with Jump Then Fall!! Also like all her other new songs are in the top ten.. Wooow. 

Sunday, October 25, 2009

'It Rains When You're Here and It Rains When You're Gone'

Somehow the six new Taylor tracks got leaked online... Surprise, surprise?! So I've listened to them, and I FREAKIN' LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's nearly been a year since Fearless was out (November 11th), so yeah.. Anticipation! The re release of Fearless comes out tomorrow :)

The six new songs are:
- Jump Then Fall
- Untouchable
- Forever & Always (Piano Version)
- Come In With the Rain
- SuperStar
- The Other Side of the Door

I know Untouchable and Come In With the Rain are older songs that haven't been released before, but it was still exciting hearing them! God I sound sad hahaha. The piano version of Forever and Always is heart breaking. In the original version, Tay sounds pretty angry about Joe and all that, but in this version, she sings with so much more emotion and you can really see how much he meant to her. Definitely going to try and learn it on piano! Jump Then Fall is so sweet as well, her voice sounds so cute! As well as SuperStar and The Other Side of the Door. Ahhh so happy :)

In the mood for a duvet day today!



P.S. HAHA, Joe cut his hair. R.I.P. curls and hello "Joehawk".

Saturday, October 24, 2009

'Letting Go and Holding Close to All the Things that Mean the Most'

So today I was reading a random page from the Daily Mail, when I suddenly stumbled across an article on Taylor Swift. As most people know, I really do LOVE her and admire her in so many ways: from how she stays so grounded, to her skillful songwriting techniques or to the fact that she's still driving the same car she had since she was fifteen, even after millions and millions of well earned dollars. She is beautiful, oh and how cool is the photo shoot taken in a vintage store down Portobello?! Love you Tay, but, screw you for coming to perform in England on a school night. Grrrrr.

I've just realised it's actually gone midnight, so it's technically Sunday, but I'm writting this post on behalf of Saturday....

Woo, half term, no school for a week! But I guess I'll be needing to do A LOT of work. For starters, I have to finish my English piece of coursework on comparing two different poems which I haven't even started typing up.. Then I have to revise for a physics GCSE mock and a chemistry GCSE mock for the first week back. Also, I have to revise for a history assessment, finish off all my IT coursework and if I have time, possibly revise a little for the philosophy and ethics GCSE mock we have first day back. I'm not too bothered about that as I'm not even taking the actual exam in January so who really cares what I get in the mock? Looks like it's going to be a busy, busy, busy week ahead!

Today I went to Basingstoke with Amy and had a brilliant day, couldn't have been better :) Haha we saw some of the guys at the station on the way there and they were going to have a competition in Basingstoke on who could get the most numbers which is pretty pathetic haha, Stephen won- surprise, surprise? So Amy and I sat by the toilets on the way there and it stunk of poo haha, but then Dom came and sat with us because his friends ditched him. Well there were five of them, and they took up four seats so poor Dom had no other option but to sit with us. Once Amy and I arrived, I went to Smith's to get Teen Vogue and then we went to Tesco to get some lunchie. Then went to Topshop to return some stuff and went to the cinema to see Up! It's an amazing film, like seriously, it doesn't look that good. But honestly, it's such a good film. I cried SO much while watching it! It's got to be one of my favourite films now :) So after we got out of the cinema, we went round some shops quickly. I didn't buy much, just some make up for Halloween. Woo, we're having a Halloween partay round Clare's.

Got home, had some dinner and then watched X Factor. Ewwwww, I hate Rachel. Hope she goes tomorrow- and what the hell was she doing at the end of her performance? Like the whole, "Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. Love you Dannii babes. Oh my God. So happy. Oh my God. I'm well gonna get through tomorrow." SHUT THE HELL UP. Trying to copy Stacey much? And her hair's still disgusting even if she has changed it hahaha. Then I watched Camp Rock for like the gazillionth time. Can't wait for Camp Rock 2 !!!! Ha, and today is FOUR weeks until the JB concert :) But that also means, just over four weeks until I have my German speaking exam.

Going to go now and do some reading.



Thursday, October 22, 2009

'Run Your Hands Through Your Hair, Absent Mindedly Making Me Want You'

First of all, the title of this post is not only a lyric, but something Alex and I saw tonight ahhhhh ha :)

Secondly, how cute are the brand new Fifi Lapin Christmas cards for Topshop? Love them to bits, plus she's wearing all Topshop clothes on the cards ahaa AND the money goes to charity. Will definitely be stocking up on some of these soon... The ones my mum bought for me from John Lewis are far to gay, for my liking anyway. Also, it's the Topshop sale.. GROAN. I mean I found some really nice stuff for a good price, but I swear every time Topshop has a sale online, the clothes sell out within a minute. So fricken annoying! I mean in the store's the sale is usually mmkay, but it's just online. Grr. Shame we don't have a Topshop in Fleet!

Anyway, I swear I'm using Blogger less and less everytime. I haven't posted in like three days. I guess I've just been really busy. There's been lots of coursework, homework and lots of revision for tests as well. Guess I'm going to have to get used to it!

Had double history today which was okay, did a lot of writing though so mehhh. Then double PE. Kelly, Amy and I swapped groups today so we did squash. It was my first time ever haha. It was actually really fun! I had to play against Michelle for like 3 minutes though. But then heroic Kelly came into the court and played against me and poor old Michelle got kicked out lol and then she ran onto the balcony thing swearing at us. Nice. Ahahaha and then Kelly was forced to play against Michelle by Pengellanator. Talking of Michelle, she has this massive painting she did which is a complete fail of Mrs Auld hahaha. It's actually hilarious! It wasn't meant to be Mrs Auld but it does look a bit like her. Anyway, I should stop rambling on about bloody Michelle Brooks. Ooh and YESSSSS. I've swapped French for geography today and Kelly's swapped German for PE. But becuase I've swapped, I'll also have to move German classes so my timetable can work. :( After lunch (where I slapped Kelly's peachy arse twice and sang a new version of You're Not Sorry) we had English. Wrote part of the conclusion to our essay and we have half term to finish it. Now we're doing freakin' pre 1900 prose crap. While Miss Chow was reading Charles Dickens, I actually fell alseep. Like properlly. I can't explain how I did it, but you like put your hands above your eyes and your hair over your face so the teacher doesn't notice you're actually sleeping. Then I had a science test on heat transfer where Jess copied like all of the last page.

When I got home did some coursework and then had a quick dinner and then I was off to school again! Helping at the year 11 parent's evening. Mrs Goss said it was really good for prefect application forms so a few people helped out. It was actually really fun! Alex and I spent half the time going round following people pretending to ask teachers for tea and coffee just to see them ahaha. And waited ten minutes by Miss Timms to ask her what she wanted to drink. "Oh his dad's wearing ankle swingers" and "OI BARB, YOU WANNA COFFAY?". What a night it turned into :)

I'm going to go revise a little for tomorrow's chemistry test on hydrocarbons and blaaa.

See you soon