Saturday, November 14, 2009

Tea Parties and Tickets

Somehow I seem to find that I tend to post more during the weekends...

Today I got dragged out of bed at 9.30 (not literally, but y'know). Early much? I mean I never wake up at nineish on a Saturday. So yeah I had to wake up that early because I had to go to Basingstoke to collect the New Moon tickets because I can't make it.

I spent like an hour in Basingstoke- that's probably the least amount of time I've ever spent in that hell hole. After I went to Vue to collect the tickets, I had to look around for a cheapish costume I could wear to Amy's tea party later on today... So I decided to go to Primark. I got some white/cream ribbed tights for £3 and also this red and black dress with these cute gold buttons on for only a fiver! I was dressing up as the White Rabbit so yeah, had to have stuff like that. But the dress is pretty sweet so I can wear it normally as well.

On the way back from Basingstoke, my mum was having a go at me saying how I wasn't responsible enough and should start acting like an adult more, blablablablaaaaa.

When I got home... First thing I went to check was the post. And guess what? Front row Jonas Brothers tickets had arrived! I screamed for ages and did a little happy dance and rushed upstairs to change for Amy's. I wore the new dress, the new pair of tights and a cream cardigan from Bloomingdale's to go with the tights.

I arrived late at Amy's as we were stuck in traffic on the way back from Basingstoke and when I got to her house, she wasn't even ready yet haha and made us all wait in the living room. Once she came downstairs, she opened her cards and presents. When she opened the present Clare, Natalie, Robyne and I got for her, she made the biggest shriek ever. We got her a life size cut out of NICK JONAS. It was freakin' expensive, hence the fact we shared the price. I also got her a load of treasures from Artbox. We had fun eating cute little cakes and watching telly with Nick Jonas. The cut out is massive and it seriously looks like a real person if you're not looking directly at it! Freaky. When Clare, Hannah, Sian and Robyne had gone home, Natalie, Kelly, Amy and I (along with Amy's siblings) watched a ton of Hannah Montana. Man, why did Miley have to pick Jake Ryan over Jesse in the "He Could Be the One" episode yesterday? Jesse is pure LOVE.

Got home, slept a little, ate dinner and then watched X Factor. Hopefully Lloyd is going tomorrow, he's bloody terrible!


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