Tuesday, November 10, 2009

'When My World Wakes Up Today You'll Be In Another Town'

Today I puked in the early hours of the morning, so I went to the doctors... She said she doesn't know what is wrong with me because I don't have any "visible symptons" or something like that but I keep on throwing up... Nice. So when I got home, I slept for the day, then watched the latest episode of Gossip Girl. Oh my God, best episode so far in season 3. WOW. I loved it. Jenny's a slag- thinking she rules Upper East Side, when she's a nobody from Brooklyn. And Nate... Well what can I say about the lovely Nate- phwoar and a Vanderbilt, is that not perfection? Oh my God, even when I spell "Vanderbilt" on my computer, it doesn't come up with a red squiggly line for a spelling error. Did they get put into the dictionary or soemthing? And his cousin Trip in that episode about Serena.. Wow? I like him though, he's got a nice vibe. Haha and the threesome, that was just hilarious. H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S.

But yetserday was the most horrible day at school. English first thing on a Monday is torture, plus I'm so behind because I missed some lessons last week and everyone's like finished annotating their stories and there's just me who's got like nothing. Then we were meant to have Jeffrey but we have somme ISA next week, so we had Mrs Green instead because we need to catch up so much and there's like no time. It was hilarious though becasue she got so angry with the class and she just through the pen and paper on the floor and stormed out of the classroom. She would have never come back, if it weren't for Katherine going to the staffroom and asking her to come back. Double German was alright... Believe it or not, but German seems to be the only lesson I kind of look forward to going to at school. And IT was really bad as well because I'm so behind due to missing lessons and then I had a maths test. It was probably one of the hardest maths test I've ever done.

So now I'm doing M.U.N. research and I seriously cannot find anything! And plus it's tomorrow! I can't wait though because I'll be able to see Megan and it'll be kinda fun, but the thought of the actual process is nerveracking- especially when you have zero research.

Aww, I love the second drawing of all those gorgeous Louboutins. My goodness gracious Lord, I saw the most BEAUTIFUL Louboutins in Saks Fifth Avenue. They were proper heaven. A cream satin material, with a hint of shimmer with the most amazing embelishment I've ever seen on a pair of shoes. I want those babies so bad. 


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  1. could you copy me any more?!! courier font... the first picture.. hahaha, I'm joking dude :) I gotta keep watching GG, I'm major behind! Have you seen this video on YouTube called "Girls Go Wild on Gossip Girl!"?? It's by TheStation, search it, it's sooo funny!! It's basically a parody lol! xx