Saturday, November 7, 2009

'And I Knew From The First Note I Played I'd Be Breaking All The Rules To See You'

The day has arrived. It's Saturday the 7th of November.. TAYLOR ON SNL !!!! Haha apparently they're definitely making at least one reference to the whole Kanye thing. But I don't really mind, just shows how much of a douche he is.

Today I woke up with a lovely surprise... Fearless: Platinum Edition had arrived! I ordered it like two weeks ago, everyone else's copy had arrived about a week ago.. But NO, mine just had to be late. Oh wells, at least I have it now. I've been engrossed in watching the DVD with all the backstage scenes, it's amazing. But one bad point: the case smells like celery!

I woke up pretty late today, at midday. So I had lunch and because I'm such a good daughter, I made my parents' lunch as well. Decided to tidy my room, but didn't really get round to clean anything. All I got round to doing was just order a load of magazines and put up a Hermes poster in the inside of my wardrobe. It's actually one of those promotional things I got in Elle, but I thought it looked rather groovy, so I kept it and I've finally put it up. On the reverse side, it's like this really cute map thing, but I thought the side with the photos of the models was much sexier.

Anyway, it sucks because everyone is going to The Views tonight for fireworks and I can't go because I'm "ill". So my alternative: eating pizza and watching X Factor, also getting all hyped up for SNL. Doesn't sound too bad for me right? Especially as I am currently and invalid. 

I need to buy Amy's birthday present soon as it's her birthday this coming Friday! Also, need to find something to wear to her's as it's an Alice in Wonderland inspired tea party.


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