Thursday, October 22, 2009

'Run Your Hands Through Your Hair, Absent Mindedly Making Me Want You'

First of all, the title of this post is not only a lyric, but something Alex and I saw tonight ahhhhh ha :)

Secondly, how cute are the brand new Fifi Lapin Christmas cards for Topshop? Love them to bits, plus she's wearing all Topshop clothes on the cards ahaa AND the money goes to charity. Will definitely be stocking up on some of these soon... The ones my mum bought for me from John Lewis are far to gay, for my liking anyway. Also, it's the Topshop sale.. GROAN. I mean I found some really nice stuff for a good price, but I swear every time Topshop has a sale online, the clothes sell out within a minute. So fricken annoying! I mean in the store's the sale is usually mmkay, but it's just online. Grr. Shame we don't have a Topshop in Fleet!

Anyway, I swear I'm using Blogger less and less everytime. I haven't posted in like three days. I guess I've just been really busy. There's been lots of coursework, homework and lots of revision for tests as well. Guess I'm going to have to get used to it!

Had double history today which was okay, did a lot of writing though so mehhh. Then double PE. Kelly, Amy and I swapped groups today so we did squash. It was my first time ever haha. It was actually really fun! I had to play against Michelle for like 3 minutes though. But then heroic Kelly came into the court and played against me and poor old Michelle got kicked out lol and then she ran onto the balcony thing swearing at us. Nice. Ahahaha and then Kelly was forced to play against Michelle by Pengellanator. Talking of Michelle, she has this massive painting she did which is a complete fail of Mrs Auld hahaha. It's actually hilarious! It wasn't meant to be Mrs Auld but it does look a bit like her. Anyway, I should stop rambling on about bloody Michelle Brooks. Ooh and YESSSSS. I've swapped French for geography today and Kelly's swapped German for PE. But becuase I've swapped, I'll also have to move German classes so my timetable can work. :( After lunch (where I slapped Kelly's peachy arse twice and sang a new version of You're Not Sorry) we had English. Wrote part of the conclusion to our essay and we have half term to finish it. Now we're doing freakin' pre 1900 prose crap. While Miss Chow was reading Charles Dickens, I actually fell alseep. Like properlly. I can't explain how I did it, but you like put your hands above your eyes and your hair over your face so the teacher doesn't notice you're actually sleeping. Then I had a science test on heat transfer where Jess copied like all of the last page.

When I got home did some coursework and then had a quick dinner and then I was off to school again! Helping at the year 11 parent's evening. Mrs Goss said it was really good for prefect application forms so a few people helped out. It was actually really fun! Alex and I spent half the time going round following people pretending to ask teachers for tea and coffee just to see them ahaha. And waited ten minutes by Miss Timms to ask her what she wanted to drink. "Oh his dad's wearing ankle swingers" and "OI BARB, YOU WANNA COFFAY?". What a night it turned into :)

I'm going to go revise a little for tomorrow's chemistry test on hydrocarbons and blaaa.

See you soon


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