Tuesday, October 6, 2009

'In a Storm in my Best Dress Fearless'

Didn't have time to post yesterday! Was just too busy caught up doing IT coursework. There's sooo much and I still don't think I'm up to date! Also I feel really sick- like really, really bloated even though I haven't eaten much.

 So today was raining like yesterday, so everyone's mood was already dampened and to make things worse, in form, Jakey drew on my Jonas Brothers book! I had maths first thing. Although Nathanael always makes maths fun hahaha :) Then we had English in the music room because the current room is getting redone. I had saved a seat for Kelly and then ADAM comes and sits in it cause it was the only one left. Only because Kelly didn't know what room we were in for English and she was TWENTY minutes late hahahaha, what a FAIL she is. But the funny thing was, Mrs Chow didn't seem to mind that she was late. In double IT I worked my friggin' socks off and I swear Big Mac still hates me. Blaaaaaa. Then we had Jeffrey and Mrs Kenny for history.. She was in a singing mood, so yes.. She sang on the top of her lungs for the whole lesson.

So yeah I arrived home, and I find three things in the post waiting for me..
   -First was the latest Elle with Cheryl Cole on the cover. First Vogue.. Now Elle.. What next? Tatler?
   -Second was the skirt I ordered from New Look last week. I still need to try it on.
   -And third was the Jonas Brothers Lines Vines and Trying Times t-shirt, which is exactly the same as the one Nick is wearing in the first photo :) And on the back it has this quote which says, "Live like you are on the bottom even if you are at the top." He designed the t-shirt himself, how sweeet? So wearing it to the concert ahaa!!!


             Backstage at Lanvin, definitely my fave of PFW.                     

Vivienne Westwood.     

Now off to do some homework, au revoir xoxo

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