Thursday, October 15, 2009

'Untouchable Burning Brighter than the Sun'

Today at school we got some rather exciting news about whether we'd like to be part of the Model United Nations. Robyne, Clare and myself have decided to go as a group together. We've put down France, Italy and Greece, first, second and third respectively. So yeah hopefully we do get France! If we do, time to throw on that Breton Shirt and a beret!

I had double history today. My God, Miss Kenny is a right ol' laugh! Haha! We have to do role plays as well and I'm with Natalie, Ian and Tom Gallagher- so funny hahahaha. Natalie has to put on her Sméagol/Gollum voice and accuse Tom of stealing her cow. It's actually hilarious lol. Then I had double PE which was pretty boring and at lunch we had the MUN meeting in the hall. In English we've began writing our structure paragraphs for the essay and Miss Chow picked me AGAIN. That's like the fourth time she's done that and she hasn't even picked Kelly to read her work once grr. And then the day ended with Jeffrey. Lovely. Not.

Once I got home, my new coat from Topshop had arrived which fits pretty well and the floral top arrived as well. Like them both. Now I have to re-order the booties which don't fit and return them. Then I watched the latest episode of Jonas as I've only just had time to. It was hilarious! The one about the haunted firehouse hahahha. Kevin's such a pussy. Bless him. Then watched the interview with Tay on Opera which was just sweet it made me teary. I love them both with all my heart.

Anyway, how sweet is the charm bracelet photo with the apple? Shame it's £1610!!!! And I thought Accessorize was expensive! But then again, you can't really compare Accessorize to Tiffany can you haha?!

I think that these two charms are so cute. Would look sweet if I added them on to the necklace I got there. Just have to keep dreaming haha.



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