Saturday, October 10, 2009

'Heres To You and Your Temper'

Okay so today I woke up and like literally everything I ordered from the internet in the past week arrived, excluding my new booties and a top. My coat from Topshop came, but it's slightly big, so I need to return it and exchange for another size. Also got and this military crop jacket thing from Topshop as well. A load of stuff from Artbox came (first pic shows some of the stuff I ordered). I spent like £35 on there ahaha. Robyne's presents came, which were basically a load of goodies from Artbox and I wrapped it up and wrote the card and shizzle. Also, Lisa's presents came. Got her three DVDs, need to post it on Friday or next Saturday so it will get to her in time!

Today I stayed at homies all day which was boringgggg. I was so bored I helped my mother clean out the fish tank. It took like two hours. FAIL. But we danced and sang along to my Taylor Swift CD at the same time haha, how embarrassing of my mum! And like the internet was down for half the day so my dad was trying to fix that. Ooh but I ate some strawberry Pocky Sticks which I hadn't had in ages. I love how England are trying to copy to copy it with Mikado Sticks. POCKY IS THE ORIGINAL MMKAY? Haha, I have a passion for Pocky, especially the strawberry ones :)

Anyway I have loads of homework to do tomorrow which is a major bummer. But so happy it's inset day on Tuesday and it's going to be such a good day with the girls :) Can't wait. And also majorly happy because I sold my "Kiss of the Vampire" t-shirt from Topshop on Ebay, and I've just made £50 from it!!! I bought it for only like £18 haha.

Also it's the ASOS sale, really want this skirt, it's £15 and the striped top is from Topshop £18, thinking of buying it on Tuesday dans Londres seeing as I am too poor to afford a real Breton shirt, but then again, a real Breton shirt is only £10 more than the Topshop one... Hmmm... DECISIONS!




  1. Oh eileen my Guru, Tres liking your posts, also looking forward to the art box :)
    Having a good old blog, should be are new thing?
    Looove, xox

  2. eileen - are you MADE of money?! x

  3. NO, I am not. I just don't need to pay for my friend's birthday presents with my own money cause I don't get that much pocket money. Like you get £600 a year (I think?) but have to pay for presents and shizzzle, but I get less than that hahaha :) xxx