Thursday, October 8, 2009

'When You're Dreaming With A Broken Heart'

I'm getting majorly over-excited about John Mayer's new album Battle Studies! It's been THREE years since Continuum. Particularly excited about hearing the track "Half of My Heart" featuring Taylor Swift, especially after watching the performance where John and Taylor sing "White Horse" and "Your Body is a Wonderland" together at Taylor's show in Staples Center in May. It was soooo good. I would have done anything to have been there! Why can't they come to England more often? John Mayer's newest single is "Who Says" which is the first photo. :)

Also, it's like nineteen days until Tay's Platinum Edition of Fearless comes out!!!!!!!! With SIX new songs... One of them including a PIANO version of "Forever and Always" Oh my God I am so excited! 

But yeah school was really boring today. About half the people were on the geography trip at the beach so barely anyone was in our lessons. Double history was okay, we watched this video thing with Tony Robinson and there was this massive chav in the video and Natalie and I were just laughing our heads off haha. And because like no one was in, I did ping-pong in PE today. Me, Tegz, Katherine, Matt, Ewan, Kam and Carl had like this massive table tennis attack across the room where we were just whacking the balls at each other really hard hahha. Was a lot of fun! And also we were allowed music on and "Party in the U.S.A." came on and I was actually having a spaz attack lol. Then in English I sat next to Kelly and we did no work hahaha but the class was like silent lol. Michelle was being an idiot as usual. Then Miss Chow picked on me to read out my work, luckily I had a paragraph written from the previous lesson so I at least had something to read out! I swear she always picks on me to read out! It's not fair. Oh yeah and Kelly forgot to do Jeffrey's science homework so she had to copy it off me in English. But Jeffrey never collected the books in when we had science hahah. Lauren and I fell asleep during the video. No joke. Haha and then Ewan and I had an in depth conversation about gingers haha and other stuff.

Ahhh done all my homework so I'm freeeeeeeeeee :)

Au revior


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  1. was I in your ginger conversation? haha =D
    LMAO we watched that video too! THE CHAV!! on the wall of shame ! ahhahaha!