Monday, October 12, 2009

'Seems Like We're Holding on Forever'


As you may know, I bought a coat from Topshop last week but it's too big and the lengths really short. So I browsed through the Topshop website and have found a coat I like, the photo above. And will be buying that and returning the coat I bought before :]

So today I had English first which was actually HILARIOUS with Ben having to sit next to Michelle because Vikki stole mine and Kelly's seats so Kelly stole Ben's seat so he had to end up next to Michelle. Poor him. Anyway he started having this massive rant in front of Miss Chow next to Michelle which was funny as! Also, Jake's changed my name from Henchleen to Trenchleen now. To be honest, I quite like it. Then we had science with Jeffrey and I didn't learn anything form the experiment he was doing because Kelly was constantly trying to bum me, tickle me, stroke me, draw on my face, show me her fat chicken belly and the usual. But it was so funny hahahahaha. Had double Francais next and we did so much work, learnt lots of new vocab on "mariage opinions" haha. Then at lunch Kelly was being an idiot. And I had IT next which was actually alright! I was pretty impressed I finished the work before Andrew and Katherine aha and got two house points lalala. Bragging much? And maths was crap.

Anyway, very excited about tomorrow's shopping trip to London with the girlies, cannot wait! :)

Au revoir


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