Wednesday, September 30, 2009

'Maybe Two Is Better Than One'

Times Square at night.
View of Lower Manhattan from Miss Ellis Island Ferry.
View of uptown from The Empire State Building.

Oh yes I do..

I've just realised it's exactly a month since I came back from New York.. *Sob :(*
Seriously, I miss it so much it's unreal! Like all I think of is NYCNYCNYCNYCNYCNYCNYC. It was amazing. From the apartments of the Upper East Side to smelly Chinatown to strolls in Central Park to running outside at 8 in the morning in the pouring rain in my pyjamas just to see Miley Cyrus to "crossing 14th Street" (yes I have made a reference to Gossip Girl and if anyone understands what I was on about, no I didn't have the same effect Blair Waldorf did aha). It is an incredible place. I don't think I'll ever forget it. I would kill to go back.

Anyhow, this NY shiz is depressing me. Had a science test today.. 'Twas hell, so was maths and then philosophy and ethics was just crap. However, there are a few people in my class who just make me LOL. At lunch, Kelly decided to shove an ice pack up my back, so i beat her to death for doing that and then had a lovely singing session with Ian, Stephen and Dom attempting to sing The Climb and Hey Stephen. They are both now completely stuck in my head. Ahh then after lunch was German AND French. Bloomin' lovely.

I had piano lessons today. Grade 8 is such a bore! Seriously! But I do need to get my head round it all and just start practicing properlly again. I haven't been practicing at all basically for like the past errr... Few months. So my day wasn't too good in the first place.. Switch on telly and guess who I see? Kim Kardashian. FML. FML. FML. I hate her. She has no right to fancy Nick Jonas, he's like ten years younger than her, then hug him for like 20 seconds on live television at The TCAs and embarrass him. I mean I know people call me a paedo at school for chasing little children around, but... What a cougar! Humphhh.

Now I'm like desperate for a wee wee. BRB!

Okay back from les W.C.. So yeah I decided to watch The Hills instead. I mean I know i used to despise LC and all her little gay friends running around L.A. but I guess I can kinda stand it now! Anyway, it was the episode where Lauren and Whitney go to Paris and it made me laugh haha. Basically, Lauren said to the driver, "Can we go to Givenchy please?" And she pronounced Givenchy like "giv-en-chee" and the driver was just like, "you mean Givenchy?" pronouncing it properly as "jee-von-she". OWNED. Totally. I mean she works for TEEN VOGUE and she doesn't even know how to pronounce Givenchy properlly? GET SOME SKILLZZZ WOMAN. Awwh man, all this Paris-ness makes me want to go to Paris! I haven't been in like five years... Time to do some convincing with the parents ;)

Goodnight and goodbye xxx

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