Tuesday, September 29, 2009

First Post (How Original?)

Hello ahh, yes until today, I have been a posting virgin. I've been reading various people's blogs on Blogger for a while, but I suddenly feel the urge to create an account and post something. But I don't quite know the reason why?

Anyway, today, I had school which was completely poop. Started off with a maths test! Which I know I have failed on, yet I still desperately want to find out my result! Then it was English. Don't even get me started about Miss Chow! She does my head in and she doesn't teach us a thing. Some people are thinking of complaining.. I might join them. IT AS was a complete waste of time. I really can't be bothered with all the coursework and I'm behind so badly... So guess I'll have to work my socks off at home this week to catch up! Lunch was... Lunch. Haha apart from the fact that a window in the English block got smashed because of Ben and Mike haha. But anyway, I had science in the maths block with Jeffrey (Mr Hill), my gay best friend Dom and I were lolling the whole way through lol. Jeffrey had these massive sweat patches on his back which was actually hilarious and disgusting at the same time! Gross! But yeah I have to admit, it was boiling in the room! Thank God for the air conditioning in the history block for last period, otherwise I think I might have passed out.

I still feel ill from yesterday which is a major bummer. Not really in the mood for anything, so I've been sat on the sofa with my laptop watching music channels and Disney Channel. Heaven :)

As MFW has nearly finished, I had another look at some of the collections.. I swear half of the stuff is see through? Ahaa, anyway, bring on Paris on Thursday! And then we say a farewell to fashion week.

Omg, as I was saying I was watching music channels, Taylor Swift has just come on. As most people know... I LOVE her. Literally LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE and LOVE. So many loves it's not even possible- one day I shall marry you Tswizzle.

Righty, well I'm off to have dinner and then I have to revise for a science test tomorrow. FUN.

Au revoir. xxx

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